Providing life changing, one-on-one care from wounded healers to the broken & hurting of Southpointe’s community so that each will encounter the mercy of Christ.



Q: Who are Stephen Ministers?
A: Francis Chan said that “If you wait to serve until you are fully healed, you’ll never start serving, and then, you’ll probably never be fully healed either.” Stephen Ministers are wounded healers that are lay congregation members professionally resourced to come alongside broken and people and journey with them through a personal crises.

Q: What are some of the situations when a Stephen Minister can provide care? What if I need more than my Stephen Minister can provide?
A: SMs receive 50 hours of professionally developed training that prepare them to serve by interacting with care receivers during crises points that can include, among other events, grief, sickness, job loss and changes, divorce, mild to moderate depression, and major parenting events.
Stephen Ministers are trained to identify when needs exist that should be addressed by professional mental health resources, including Sage Hill Counseling, and can make referrals to other community resources as necessary to address safety, employment, detox, and substinance needs. Referrals to mental health professionals or other community resources can result in a termination or pause in the SM caring relationship, or result in a collaborative caring scenario at the professional’s discretion.

Q. Who sees my referral form? Who knows if I have a Stephen Minister?
A. The only person who sees your referral form is an institute certified Stephen Leader who is trained to protect the privacy of care receivers or potential care receivers and has signed a covenant to do so. The only people who knows if a Stephen Minister is assigned is the Stephen Leader, the Stephen Minister, and the Care Receiver. Stephen Ministers do not know who other Stephen Ministers are caring for. Church staff do not see referrals and do not know who Stephen Ministers are caring for.

Q. Who can be assigned a Stephen Minister?
A. Stephen Ministry is done in a 1-1 context (while each couple in a relationship may have their own Stephen Minister to address a personal crises, Stephen Ministers are not assigned couples). Stephen Ministers are assigned to care for an adult of their same sex. Because of confidentiality concerns, minors cannot be assigned Stephen Ministers.

Q: Why would someone benefit from having a Stephen Minister?
A. Many people struggle with crises alone. During those times of struggle, God can seem distant and disinterested. The purpose of Stephen Ministry is to connect a hurting person to Christ. The nature of the interactions between Stephen Ministers and their Care Receivers are defined by process-oriented goals where the care-giver connects the care-receiver to Christ as the cure-giver. If you or someone you know is struggling with a personal crisis and God seems remote, or if you or someone you know is facing a personal challenge and wants to better connect with God throughout the experience, please fill out a confidential referral form below.


If you would like to meet with a Stephen Minister or would like to connect someone in your life to a Stephen Minister, click the button below (all forms are confidential) or call 615-746-7722 (x701).