Children will be following a Bible-based, educational curriculum that focuses on learning through play and educational activities that teach the skills necessary for Kindergarten. Our academic curriculum is tailored to assist in preparing your child for kindergarten readiness.  

We also use The Jesus Storybook Bible by Sally Loyd-Jones to help children understand that each story in the Bible is part of a bigger story – the story of how God loves His children and comes to rescue them through Jesus.

Learning Centers
Our preschool classrooms are intentionally designed around our learning centers to encourage child directed learning through play during free time.

Blocks: (on rug) includes various types of blocks, vehicles, toy animals, etc …

Dramatic Play: includes a table, kitchen (other home and store items such as a shopping basket and cash register), play food (including real items such as empty cereal boxes and cans), community helper and dress up clothes, baby dolls and baby items.

Writing: includes various types of paper and envelopes, as well as different medians like chalk/chalkboard and dry erase boards. Clip boards and posters of seasonal words (changed out monthly to coordinate with curriculum)

Science: includes magnifying glasses for rocks, shells, leaves, magnets, flashlights, prisms, discovery bottles, science books. All materials in this center are rotated out monthly.

Art: includes an easel with paper, paint and large brushes, a table for creating, variety of materials for gluing, painting and creating, paper towel rolls, pipe cleaners, beads and playdough.

 Reading: includes a comfortable place for kids to sit and read with a large selection of age-appropriate books.

Manipulatives: includes math manipulatives for play with patterns, shapes and categorizing; as well as chop sticks/tweezers for hand strengthening and puzzles.

2019-2020 ENRICHMENT

We are excited to offer a variety of enrichment activities to enhance our program.


Children will be exploring the wonder of art and engaging in the creative process each week. Our art classes will introduce them to masters of art and a variety of materials and techniques, but most of all a fun approach to creating their own masterpieces! Children will learn to think critically and creatively, get messy and share their artwork with friends. We will explore the magical process of creating art and gain a deeper awareness of ourselves as image bearers of The Great Artist.


Children are introduced to music and worship through singing, creative movement, instrument playing and listening. Interactive music activities teach the students about beat, tempo and dynamics. A variety of styles of music such as traditional, folk and seasonal songs are used to enhance early learning and development.


We offer an optional after-school spanish enrichment program for children in the Kangaroo, Wallaby and Elephant  and Bear classes on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Ms. Erika is originally from Mexico – moved to Tennessee in 2006 where she received her Masters of Law for Foreign Attorneys from Vanderbilt. Since having children of her own, Ms. Erika has worked part time for Peabody and Vanderbilt Children’s hospital as a research field and data collector for studies examining healthy growth patterns and developmental skills of preschool children. Her goal for the Spanish class at PDO is ultimately to expose the children to a new language and culture in a fun and interactive way. Her class will include material that complements the topics in the PDO curriculum, and introduces the class to themes related to Latino culture and festivities. Her class will incorporate songs, games, prayers and other activities to target the children’s ages.


We offer an optional after-school sports enrichment program for children 2.5 years and older.  Amazing Athletes is a developmental sport and fitness program that teaches children the basic fundamentals and mechanics of 10 different sports while enhancing their overall educational experience. Class components include warm up, speed & conditioning, active sport, nutrition & conditioning, patient sport, and motor-development.

Parents of children enrolled in SPKids PDO can obtain more information on these programs by emailing Jenny Deranzio.