Oh great God, you say “Come To Me, and I will give you rest,”

Yet we try to fight to find control, rest, and contentment in the things of this world.  Have mercy on us.

For the sins that we know, where we willingly choose our own desires over what you have for us, have mercy on us.

For the sins we neglect, our pride, our hunger for more, our greed, our misplaced priorities, have mercy on us.

For the sins of fear, our passivity in the midst of injustice, our inaction in the sight of others pain, have mercy on us.

You who are rich in love and slow to anger, fill us with your grace.

You say that a broken and contrite heart, you will not despise.

You delight in the prayers of your people.

Lavish your love on us we pray, in the name of the One who stands in our place, Jesus,