Eternal God, you are our only hope, our sure help in times of trouble. In all times and places you alone are our strength and stay. Because we trust in you, we dare to believe:

Goodness is stronger than evil;
love is stronger than hate;
light is stronger than darkness;
hope is stronger than despair.

O God, the true source of wholeness and peace, in a world bearing fresh wounds of suffering and grief, you call us to be a people of healing.

Help us to reach out to neighbors in need, to bear one another’s burdens, to weep with those who weep. Give us the grace to share the comfort of Christ with all those who long for his healing touch. Surround those who have been shaken by tragedy with a sense of your present love.

God of truth and light, in a world of darkness you call us to bear witness to your light. Guide us by your Spirit, that we might reflect the glory of your Son in his courage in speaking the truth, in his compassion for others, in his willingness to bear suffering, in his refusal to return evil for evil.