We confess our sinful response to the trials and discomforts of our lives. While in the depths of woe, we have resented our need for you and rarely lifted our eyes to you, the only one who can bring us true help. Instead we have consistently directed our gaze to earthly things that falsely promise escape and comfort. We have been charmed by vain things: the approval of others; the possessions that we have or want; the allure of misused sexuality; and the enormous drive to worship our bodies, our abilities, and our desires above all things. In our willful blindness to the love and comfort you offer us, we are found completely guilty in your holy sight.

Loving God, soften our hearts to delight in your love for us. Change us into sons and daughters who are so enraptured with the story of the gospel that we run to our beautiful Savior. Lift our eyes afresh to the cross, from whence our help comes, the place where our lives were saved by Jesus’ death. In his name we come.