Our hope is that we as an entire congregation would align our lives to the singular mission of bringing the Southpointe area and all the places we serve into a life changing encounter with the Kingdom of God.

We have sought to clarify three strategic directions in order to help us identify and further align ourselves with this mission.


First, we commit ourselves to belonging to the community of Christ. We were not designed to walk with God in isolation. We were created for community. To that end, we desire to engage each individual and family in a group that will invite them into deeper community. We do this primarily through Southpointe Groups and Discipleship Groups along with other events.

We would like for you to consider how you will take the next steps in regards to belonging to the community of Christ. Would you prayerfully ask his Spirit to help you identify where you are in relation to the church community and what group you plan to be a part of this year?


Second, we commit ourselves to serving the community of Christ. We are all unique image bearers of God with our own gifts to offer generously to this gospel community. We intentionally engage in service as a way to steward our divine design. We do this through volunteering in the many impactful ministries that can be found in this brochure and by investigating our gifts through the Ignite process. (Romans 12:1–2)

As you begin to pray about how you will relationally engage, will you also consider how you intend to seek and serve the community of Christ at Southpointe. What will be your next steps to go deeper in your service to the Kingdom this year?


Third, we commit to giving to the cause of Christ. We grow in our generosity as we recognize the abundance of what we have received in Christ and are compelled by His love to offer our resources for the purpose of gospel transformation within the community of Southpointe, the surrounding area, and to the ends of the earth. (2 Corinthians 8:1–5)

As you consider your investment in community and sacrificial living, would you also prayerfully consider how you will you contribute financially to the mission of Southpointe? What is your next step in further trusting Christ by contributing your tithe and resources to fund the mission of Southpointe? Visit the following few pages to learn more about why we give and what opportunities are available.