Our hope is that we as a congregation would align our lives with the singular mission of bringing the Southpointe area, and all the places we serve, into a life changing encounter with the Kingdom of God through a relationship with Jesus Christ.

We invite you to partner with us by making three mission-critical decisions:

FIRST, commit yourself to belong to the community of Christ. We were created for community. To this end, we desire for each person to engage with a Southpointe Group that will offer a meaningful experience of belonging and to join the church as a ministry partner to become an owner of this mission.

Which Southpointe Group will you engage with this year?

Is it time for you to join the church?

SECOND, commit yourself to serve the community of Christ. We are all unique image bearers of God called to steward our experience, our skills, and our gifts for our community. We do this through volunteering in the many impactful ministries here at Southpointe.

Which Southpointe Ministry will you serve with this year?   

THIRD, commit yourself to give to the cause of Christ.  We grow in our generosity as we recognize the abundance of what we have received in Christ and are compelled by His love to offer our resources for the purpose of spiritual transformation.

What is your next step to contribute financially to mission of Southpointe?